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A project from A to Z at Van der Valk Solar Systems

Client’s approval? Check! Major project involving large panels? Check! Start asap? Check! Problems? They must be resolved! This is just a selection of the situations that we face daily. Switching tasks quickly, thinking in terms of solutions, committing to projects and not relinquishing hold until every detail is perfect. That is our passion in the Projects Department, and we would like to share that with you.

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Intensive contact

Through intensive contact with our partners, we have a good idea of which projects are going to be built and when. Last summer, for example, it was clear that a client wanted to build a fantastic project in Tilburg. To make the substructure as efficient as possible, it was decided to build the 10,500-panel project with the Trina TSM DE17, a panel with dimensions of 2,102mm by 1,040mm. That was easy for us to accommodate since our ValkPro+ East/West L10 system can accept panels up to 2,320mm by 1,200mm.

When it became clear that the project would start in October 2020, we began preparing an action plan together with the client for designing the substructure. It covered the planning, delivery of our calculations and drawings, potential unforeseen conditions and ultimately the delivery of the substructure.


The planning was soon ready, and the project was transferred internally to the drawing board, and our engineers engaged. First of all, we calculated the required ballast, based on the Euronorm, national supplements and our wind-tunnel tests. If we do not see any obstacles in the way, we go to the next step. If there are some, we contact the client directly about this and discuss possible solutions.

Ballast layout

Then we get to work on designing the ballast layout. We always search for the most optimal distribution of the ballast. This is very important, because a builder looks at these details closely. Not all roofs are equally suited to a large-scale solar panel installation. So the average weight, the point loads and the line loads are examined critically. Once the builder approves the design, we continue on with outlining the project in our ValkPVplanner. Since this project was positioned entirely in the middle zone, we could enter it in the simple mode. Our planner is designed so flexibly that it is easy to implement changes in the layout.


Once the green light is given, we switch to realising a smooth delivery through our Logistics Department. Thanks to the special pallet packaging for projects, we optimise our logistical tasks and minimise the waste on site and our ecological footprint. During the implementation of the project, we are happy to visit the site and provide any necessary advice. We enjoy watching the development of a project that prepares a roof for generating solar power!

Would you like to learn more about our activities and how we can help you with your project(s)? We would be happy to talk to you. Please contact us at or +31 (0)174-25 49 99.