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Advantages of ValkPro+ as ground mount system

Did you know that the ValkPro+ can also be used as a ground mount system?

All versions of the ValkPro+ can be conveniently placed on, for example, a field or an abandoned industrial site. No foundation points in the ground are required, which makes this system for projects on capped water reservoirs for example. The system is easy to install, eliminates the need for heavy machinery and, thanks to the simple logistics, even faster to install than a flat roof system. The special concrete foundation feet provide the required ballast, offer stability and raise the system, which simplifies maintenance. An anti-weed membrane is often used to prevent unwanted growth around the system.

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Even if our ValkPro+ is installed as a ground mount system, it can be decided later to relocate the system to a flat roof. And vice-versa!

Other advantages of the ValkPro+
  • Available as a Landscape, Portrait, South and East-West version
  • Mounting speed 3-4 minutes per panel (East-West or South systems)
  • Metal couplings (not plastic), thus prepared for earthing and lightning protection
  • Minimum number of required items
  • Also suitable for 2 m and high power panels
Want to read more about ValkPro+? Download the complete ValkPro+ Guide here:

Download ValkPro+ Guide