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Our corporation with Irish installer PV Generation

PV Generation is a long-established Irish PV provider. They are a household name on both commercial and residential projects. Not only do they help immensely in reducing your carbon footprint by reducing your energy costs, thereby supporting local communities. But also, provide adaptable turnkey photovoltaic (PV) energy solutions that enable their customers to generate clean, affordable energy, low maintenance, monitoring, tailored to the needs of the project and environment. These solutions are tailored to your needs using its in-house design team, software, key suppliers (like Van der Valk Solar Systems), and the latest technologies.


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Continual Assistance

PV Generation will assist you every step of the way to make sure you achieve the best results possible. From advising to ensuring the best design conception to handing over process. Everything from warranty, to closely monitoring the installation, to system guarantee and detailed aftercare, everything is handled by PV Generation. With almost five years of experience, PV Generation strive to learn the latest trend in the market and will offer you the technical advice you need. The company guarantees that each of their customers will get the best solar output.

R&D and safety

The PV Generation team supports research and development projects that lower client costs, increase efficiency and performance, and improve reliability of PV technologies, to support the widespread deployment of electricity produced directly. PV can make a large contribution to the global energy system in the longer term, and thus forms an indispensable building block for a sustainable energy future. PV Generation also firmly believe that R&D goes hand in hand with safety.

Employees at PV Generation

PV Generation believes that any good organization is equal to the sum of its parts. Therefore, they make sure to keep their employees safe, achieve a good work and home life balance, provide annual training programs, and believe strongly in CPD. They believe that their employees are their biggest assets and are an exceptional team and that employees satisfied with their jobs will enjoy their working day with PV Generation.

Environment & Irish market

PV Generation are passionate about environment sustainability and believe they can make a difference and can achieve this by employing key people to combine their multidisciplinary skills and expertise, making it both challenging and rewarding. They are wholehearted supporters of The Irish Climate Action Plan and make sure to consider its objective of cutting carbon emissions by 80% by 2050. The Irish market for solar projects is gathering momentum and confidence.

Working with Van der Valk Solar Systems

PV Generation enjoys working with simple, yet fool-proof systems like Van der Valk Solar Systems, which offers modular, error free systems with high-quality standards and excellent technical support. It is the only system that they use and recommend, even more so since design, install and commissioning 2.7MW of projects using the ValkPro+ system in 2020.

PV Generation started working with Van der Valk Solar Systems's UK office, around 4 years ago, during which we have proved to be an invaluable asset. Brigid Walsh, Project Manager at PV Generation, says: “Van der Valk Solar Systems keeps us up to date with all recent product news and have amazing technical support. They are very personal, just like PV Generation, and provide us with an Account Manager that can be contacted at any time , this is invaluable especially when on site and you need instant clarifications, technical or otherwise.” Van der Valk Solar Systems has proven itself to be a leader in their field.” she continues, “They are top of the line professionals and often share industry knowledge.”

Installation tips

To end with, Brigid Walsh would like to share these installation tips: “Though cable management is often overlooked, it’s a vital part of PV array installation and longevity. Cable management is very important because it minimizes maintenance, optimizes safety, and enhances the lifespan of the cable and system. Cables are one of the most critical elements of Solar installation and therefore require a rigorous management process”