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Our mounting systems can support the largest sizes of solar panels

Solar panels keep getting bigger. Luckily, our systems for pitched and flat roofs are ready for them. We designed our systems to be modular on purpose. A solar panel measuring 2320mm x 1200mm, for example, can be easily installed with any of our systems. Even larger panel sizes can be fitted in certain configurations.

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No limitations in dimensions of solar panels

To be able to accommodate the largest panels, we expanded the mounting system ValkPro+ for flat roofs some time ago with extra long back plates and mass carriers. Additionally, the design of the mounting holes in the back plates has been changed to increase the adjustability. This allows the placement of solar panels up to a maximum length of 2320mm.

For east-west systems, the maximum width of the solar panel that can be fitted is 1070mm for a standard centre distance of 2300mm. But given the modular design, the project can be carried out with solar panels that are 1200mm wide, if a centre distance of 2500mm is chosen, for example.

The mounting system ValkPitched for pitched roofs has also been extended to include new lengths for the Side++ profiles. They can be used without cutting or extending for panels with a maximum width of 1052mm.

Load on solar panels

Because solar panels keep getting bigger, the total load on the panel will also increase. That is why we calculate the load of wind and snow on the solar panel and compare this figure with the maximum permitted loading of the solar panel. In most cases, the calculation shows that even the larger solar panels can be fixed in the standard manner. With very high roofs or locations with extremely strong wind speeds, strengthening of the solar panel may become necessary. We offer various standard solutions for this, like adding additional panel support or changing from landscape to portrait orientation.

Simple calculation

When calculating a project in the ValkPVplanner, any type of panel can be entered. It produces a list of materials for the system based on the calculations, which perfectly matches your panel choice! Do you have a question about a system for your specific size of panel? Please contact us at or +31 (0)174 25 49 99.

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