Sedum and solar panels on the roof? Remember this!

In recent years, green roofs, also known as sedum roofs, have increased in popularity. In particular, the subsidies that Dutch municipalities award for the realisation of such a green roof ensure that more and more roofs in are turning green.

Extra green
What is less known is that these sedum roofs are also extremely suitable for installing solar panels. Combining solar panels and sedum ensures more biodiversity on the roof, sustainable cooling of the house is created and a significant contribution is made to the Dutch energy transition.

Layout, calculation & ballast
So what does our Van der Valk Solar Systems mounting system for flat sedum roofs look like? That answer is very simple. It's just our trusted ValkPro+ system with some minor adjustments to make it suitable for installation on a flat sedum roof! We explain step by step how an optimal system design for a sedum roof can be realized.

First of all, determine together with the customer what the desired layout will be. Is this ValkPro+ Landscape or ValkPro+ Portrait and will it be a South or East-West variant? A green roof or sedum roof is suitable for all types of ValkPro+ mounting systems. When the configuration is known, the registration in our ValkPVplanner starts. In this calculation software developed by us and free to use, a layout, ballast plan and project report can be made in no time at all. In the planner, select the sedum roofing option under the "roof" tab.

The ValkPVplanner will now automatically include a 30x30 paving stone under each rubber tile carrier in the material list. Why? Because direct installation of a PV system on a green roof is not a good plan. Over time, the PV system will sink into the sedum, which is a waste of the beautifully landscaped green roof. We therefore recommend cutting out a piece of sedum in place of each rubber tile support to prevent the system from sinking into the roof. That's all!

ValkPro+ system on mass blocks
Another option is to install the ValkPro+ system on mass blocks. With this installation method, one mass block of 20 kg will be used in the place where the rubber tile carrier is normally placed. A piece of sedum will also have to be cut away from under this mass block to prevent the system from sinking.

If it is desired to install a system in combination with ground blocks, please contact us and we will personally provide you with ballast advice and a list of materials to be able to install the designed system on the roof in a safe and sound manner.

Watch the installation video below:


Solar panels on sedum pitched roofs
A pitched roof with sedum? That's no problem either. In that case, please contact us to discuss the project specific situation. You can reach us via +31 (0)174 – 25 49 99 or mail to Make a green roof even greener in combination with solar panels and the mounting systems of Van der Valk Solar systems!