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Our solar ramps are suitable for larger solar panels!

Developments in the solar industry never stand still and the 72-cell solar panel is now an indispensable part of the market. More and more solar panels with higher capacities and larger dimensions are being installed. We also notice that we are increasingly being asked, justifiably by our installers and distributors whether it is possible to use our systems in combination with 72-cell panels. The good news is,  you can!


In this blog we will zoom in on the question; how do I install solar ramps in combination with larger solar panels?

The amount of ballast for 72-cell solar panels will deviate from the well-known ballast table for 60-cell panels. Larger panels create a larger surface area where the wind can potentially blow. That is why it is important, in the case of longer panels, to have Van der Valk Solar Systems make an adapted ballast calculation specially designed for your situation.

If panels are longer than the stated maximum length of 1650mm, this will have no further consequences for the installation in addition to the adjusted ballast amounts. Make sure that the specified maximum clamping range of the panel is not exceeded. If panels are wider than 1005mm, the ramp can easily be extended using our extension set (757050). This extension set makes it possible to make the solar ramp compatible for panels up to a maximum width of 1046mm. The extension set is supplied as a service item for one solar ramp and is compatible for a ValkDouble, ValkTriple and a ValkQuattro. In addition to the extension set, it is also possible to order clamps for power optimizers / microinverters (774223).

Our solar ramps are not only suitable for "special" flat roofs such as extension roofs, garages and apartment buildings, but can also be used as a field setup! For more information about the Van der Valk Solar Systems solar ramps, please contact us at: or +31 174 25 49 99.